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Stewardship Responsibilities

After donating a preservation easement in perpetuity, the property owner continues to own, manage and maintain the property within the limits of the easement while bearing all costs and liabilities related to ownership. As part of the property’s chain of title, the preservation easement binds not only the present but also future property owners.

Upon receiving a preservation easement donation, Preservation Easement Trust assumes permanent responsibility for monitoring and enforcing the provisions of the preservation easement. The Trust is always available to answer questions about the preservation easement and pro-actively works with the property owner to avoid any potential conflicts. The Trust’s stewardship responsibilities include performing annual property inspections, tracking changes in property ownership, answering property owner questions, approving permitted activities, and correcting violations through voluntary compliance or, if necessary, legal proceedings.

The Preservation Easement Trust maintains an endowment fund to pay for the ongoing costs of administering, monitoring, and enforcing of its preservation easements. Upon the conveyance of a preservation easement, the property owner makes a suggested one-time tax-deductible charitable contribution equivalent to 3% of the appraised easement value or $15,000 per property, whichever is greater.



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