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Why Donate To The Trust?

Preservation Easement Trust serves as a committed and reliable steward for easement-protected properties, while offering easement donors a more efficient and cost effective alternative to other qualified 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organizations that accept historic preservation easements.

Streamlined Donation Process: The Trust has streamlined the easement donation process with easy-to-use forms, website-based 24/7 access to information, and the ability to approve easement applications in real-time. In contrast, other easement-holding organizations may take one to three months just to approve an easement application.

Commercial Property Expertise: Having spent the last ten years providing historic tax credit and financial consulting services to commercial property owners across the country, the Trustís current officers bring preservation appreciation, practical business experience, and complimentary skill sets to the historic preservation easement donation process.

Nominal Cash Donation: Relative to other easement-holding organizations, the Trust requests a nominal cash donation as part of the voluntary historic preservation easement donation. Specifically, the Trust requests a cash donation equivalent to only 3% of the easement value or $15,000, whichever is greater, whereas other easement-holding organizations typically request a cash donation amounting to 5%-10% of the easement value. All cash donations go directly into the Trustís endowment fund which covers operations and the ongoing costs of administering, monitoring, and enforcing its historic preservation easements.

No For-Profit Affiliates: The Trust has no for-profit affiliates and neither employs nor pays any independent contractors or easement facilitators for their marketing services. As a result, marketing expenditures are kept at a minimum, financial resources are not diluted, and potential conflicts of interest are avoided.

Objective & Informative Guidance: It is always important to note that historic preservation easement valuations performed by qualified real estate appraisers may vary significantly from property to property. Because each historic preservation easement valuation depends upon a number of variables that are unique to each property, including existing historic preservation laws that may already impact the property, there is no "one size fits all" approach to valuing historic preservation easements. Of course, before proceeding with a historic preservation easement donation, potential easement donors are always advised to consult with their attorneys and tax professionals to understand the specific legal requirements and tax consequences associated with conveying a historic preservation easement and receiving a tax deduction.

National Presence: Since its inception, the Trust has seen remarkable growth each year, and is now qualified to do business and solicit charitable contributions and easement donations in numerous states across the country, with additional jurisdictions to follow.



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